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Compassionate Veterinarians in Lebanon, KY

True Care, Every Time

In Lebanon, KY, Town & Country Veterinary Services is a team of compassionate veterinarians that take care of animals both small and large. Every animal owner can agree that pets are a member of the family and require the same level of care and attention throughout their lives as we do. Just as we as we visit the doctor for checkups and to keep up with our health, our furry and feathered counterparts require the same visits to medical professionals.

For more than 24 years, our husband and wife veterinarian team has operated our mixed practice vet office providing animal care for everything from cats and dogs to livestock and small animals. Our crew of veterinarians and animal care experts are true animal lovers, making us incredibly passionate and serious about the job that we do. For your family, we go above and beyond every time by truly caring for your pet. Our services are fair and affordable. We also offer payment options for more expensive procedures because every pet should have access to the very best treatments and life-saving services.

Reach out to us today with any questions or concerns, or simply give our Marion County office a call right now to schedule your pet’s first appointment with our team.

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Teeth Cleanings

It is important for animals of all walks of life to receive regular teeth cleanings in a veterinarian’s office. Teeth build up plaque and tartar that can cause pain and infection, which requires deep cleaning to remove.
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There are some vaccinations pets legally require that only a veterinarian can provide. Many vaccinations protect animals from deadly diseases and illnesses that could spread to the pets of others.
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A trip to the vet is the perfect way to ensure there are no hidden health conditions that could be causing an animal pain. Checkups -- whether yearly or semi-annual -- can prolong the lifespan of a pet and keep them comfortable.